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turnip on Mix

Mix was created by the former makes of StumbleUpon; which in the early days of web2.0 was a true pioneer in social bookmarking and was one of the most popular sites in the genre. While still a social bookmarking site; Mix is a much different site. In it its current iteration; Mix is still at heart a site that helps one to discover their interests and explore them; by bringing them together to enhance their understanding. Its algorithm learns what the user is interested in most then compiles things under that interest and offers it for further exploration. This is very reminiscent of the StumbleUpon days when users would be presented with links by category or niche. A user can create an account via their Facebook; Twitter or Google accounts. Upon joining; a selection of topics is presented for one to choose topics they are interested in. This is where its algorithm comes intro play; enabling it to offer recommendations on those topics. In every topic one selects; recommendations related to that topic of interest is suggested. It's this niche targeting that offers the user a chance to explore related sites and gain more understanding concerning that topic - or simply spend a ton of time diving down yet another interesting rabbit hole! What makes Mix special is that it compiles many related sites from so many users on the network; making it both community-moderated for quality and giving it the chance to suggest a broader swathe of information concerning any given topic of interest. It also offers more features that could give it a chance to grow as big as StumbleUpon once was; because when users create their profiles; they are able to share their own updates and images and even follow on those topics via other social network accounts.

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