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Happy Camper Clipart Sublimation Watercolor Graphic

Happy camper clipart sublimation watercolor graphic

Here's what you get in this Happy Camper Clipart Sublimation Watercolor Graphic:

[1] Watercolor handpainted camper van stylized with a purple color at the top and bottom, separated by a stripe of pinkish beige...

... the happy camper is moving from left to right, you can the the white door with dark shaded windows...

... some rainbow buntings are hangin on the back of the van for decor...

... a bouquet of red, pink, orange, yellow flowers and their green leaves decorate and adorn the top right and bottom left...

... the quote "Happy Camper" is displayed along the top left and bottom right as a pun.

Start using it instantly after download for your t-shirt design, mug design, product graphics, stickers, scrapbooking, heat transfer projects, wall art, crafts, blog posts, store banners, website design, apps, baby shower invitations, greeting cards, stationery design, collage, junk journals...

... and more!

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[URL] : https://www.etsy.com/listing/711849705/happy-camper-clipart-sublimation

[NAME] : Happy Camper Clipart Sublimation Watercolor Graphic

[SIZE] : About 12 x 12 inches

[TYPE] : Transparent PNG

[ITEMS] : 2 clipart sublimation graphics (1 with quote, and 1 without)

[RESOL] : 300 dpi

[STYLES] : Pretty, handcrafted, minimalist, endearing, whimsical

[USAGES] : Scrapbooking, crafts, leggings, advertisements, videos, etc.

[TAGGINGS] : Happy Camper Clipart Sublimation Watercolor Graphic, Instant Digital Download, Commercial Use, Camping, Flowers, Happiness, Travel Van Quote

[OCCASIONS] : Christmas, Birthdays, Baby Showers, Get Well, New Job


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