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Mermaid Vibes Sublimation Clipart Graphic

Mermaid vibes sublimation clipart graphic

Here's what you get in this Watercolor Mermaid Vibes Sublimation Clipart Graphic:

[1] watercolor handpainted sublimation clipart graphic of a mermaid tail that is colored a fairytale pink and light blue...

... the tail is pointing skywards from bottom to top, with some scales and lines showing in white...

... the surroundings include splashes of pink and blue paint...

... the top of the image includes the words "Mermaid Vibes" in a light grey color.

Start using it instantly after download for your t-shirt design, mug design, product graphics, stickers, scrapbooking, heat transfer projects, wall art, crafts, blog posts, store banners, website design, apps, baby shower invitations, greeting cards, stationery design, collage, junk journals...

... and more!

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[URL] : https://www.etsy.com/listing/698711334/mermaid-vibes-sublimation-clipart

[NAME] : Mermaid Vibes Sublimation Clipart Graphic

[SIZE] : About 12 x 12 inches

[TYPE] : Transparent PNG

[ITEMS] : 1 item

[RESOL] : 300 dpi

[STYLES] : Sweet, hand drawn, minimalist, endearing, joyful

[USAGES] : Junk journaling, crafts, mug design, store design, software, etc.

[TAGGINGS] : Mermaid Vibes Sublimation Clipart Graphic, Watercolor Mermaid Tail Clip Art, Instant Digital Download, Commercial Use, Fairytale Girls Party

[OCCASIONS] : Christmas, Anniversary, Births, Condolences, Apology


This item Mermaid Vibes Sublimation Clipart Graphic was first published on turnip.co

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